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About Equals Group Plc


Equals develops and sells scalable payment platforms to enable organisations to move and easily manage their money flows through its payment and card products.

Its core brands are:

Equals Money – an international, domestic and card payment platform comprising the “Spend” and “Pay” products for ‘just-in-time” expenditure needs of our customers who range from Hollywood studios to dynamic start-ups and fast growing businesses. 

Equals Money Solutions – an enterprise scale-up of the Equals Money platform serving large corporates and financial institutions with complex payments needs

FairFX – a travel card and international payment product covering the needs of high-net-worth individuals, international holidaymakers, and their families

CardOneMoney - UK focused product to meet the needs of small business and individuals for everyday account processes , allowing them to run their payments, direct debits, and cards via their account.

Equals Connect - a white label platform serving smaller FX providers

Equals Group PLC (the “Company”) is a public limited liability company incorporated in England and Wales and domiciled in the UK whose shares are admitted to AIM, a market operated by The London Stock Exchange.

In addition to be regulated on AIM, various group companies are regulated by FCA and HMRC . Through one group company, the Group has access to real-time settlement accounts with the Bank of England and is a member of the UK Faster Payments Scheme, meaning customers can transfer and receive funds with immediate effect. 

The European Payments Council has accepted a group company to belong to “SEPA” – the “instant” fund transfer mechanism for the Euro zone. Membership of SEPA allows Equals customers to receive instant Euro credits to their own-name multi-currency IBAN and instantly send Euro payments to other SEPA scheme members. These connections, complimented with SWIFT, allow the group to provide a true multi-currency account to its customers.

Country of Incorporation

Equals Group Plc is incorporated and registered in England and Wales (Registration number: 08922461) and its main country of operation is in the United Kingdom.

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