Equals Group Capital Markets Day 2021

Thursday 6th May 2021

11:00am to 1:00pm

I am delighted to invite you to the Equals Group Capital Markets Day 2021, on Thursday 6th May from 11am to 1pm. Once your registration is approved, you will receive a calendar invitation with the dial-in details.

We are hosting this live event to give current and future stakeholders a deeper insight into the Equals Group - its people, products, values and strategic direction. We’ve chosen to do this now as the Company has changed considerably from its B2C roots to a B2B-driven business, and the investments made over the last three years have placed the Group in a great position to accelerate growth.

The format of the day will be members of the Exec and a selection of key people in our team explaining the Equals Group, both as it is now and in the coming years. The running order and speaker biographies are detailed below.

I am genuinely excited about the future for the Equals Group, and my team and I look forward to sharing it with you on the day.




Ian Strafford-Taylor
CEO, Equals Group




Intro and History

Where we’ve been and where we are going


Product offerings

International payments, cards and banking


Equals Money

One product to bring our offerings together


Technical roadmap

Delivery in 2021, 2022 and beyond


Sales and Marketing strategy

How we are growing ...


Compliance and regulation

...and doing it responsibly

Ian Strafford-Taylor

Ian Strafford-Taylor, Co-Founder & CEO

Ian was one of the founders of FairFX and was appointed as Director in 2007. As a Chartered Accountant, Ian has also held a number of senior banking roles at Morgan Stanley and UBS.


Richard Cooper, Chief Financial Officer

Richard has extensive public market and growth company experience. He was the CFO of GVC Holdings Plc, one of the world's largest sports betting and gaming groups.

James Hickman

James Hickman, CCO – International Payments

James has over 25 years’ experience in currency markets and has set up several successful currency card programmes and a leading online money transfer platform.


Thanim Islam, Dealing Manager

Currency Specialist and Dealing Manager, been here for six and a half years – focus is on maximising value for the customer and for us, retaining customers, setting ourselves apart from the online-only competition.

Simon England

Simon England, CRO – Digital Payments

Simon currently heads up banking and cards at the Equals Group and has over 20 years’ experience in the technology and finance sectors, working for the likes of Barclays, HBoS and Currencies Direct along the way.

Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell, Director of Banking Services

Ian runs the P&L for banking and expenses. He has been with Equals since the acquisition of Spectrum Payment Services four years ago. Ian was a driving force in the launch of business banking and agency services within Spectrum.


Ben Cauley, Head of Client Development, Cards

Ben leads the expense management business development team, having worked here for five years and has over six years experience working in the Canadian banking sector.

James Simcox

James Simcox, CPO

James leads product strategy, delivery and data at Equals Group. James is passionate about payments and complex supply chains after starting his career in FMCG at both Procter & Gamble and a large drinks manufacturer.


Isabella Eckert, Programme Director, Equals Money

Bella is overseeing the delivery of Equals Money. Before Equals, Bella was Head of Growth at a VC-funded digital media startup, where she increased users by 8m in two years. At Equals, Bella has delivered the MVP launch of the company in the US, the FairFX Currency Card relaunch and a range of ESG initiatives.

Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips, CTO

Andrew leads the charge for the Equals Group on systems integrations, security, technical governance and digital services with over 18 years' experience in finance companies from loans to payments to banking.

Holly Smith

Holly Smith, Head of Customer Acquisition

Holly has 12 years experience in performance marketing, having previously worked at Expedia and Thomas Cook Money. Holly is focussed on customer acquisition - using data to target growth markets.


Lina Solem, Head of Customer Retention

Lina is a customer-centric and CRM strategy professional. She has had 15+ years experience working in online travel, luxury fashion, ed-tech and now in the world of FinTech for the last three years.

Jeremy Thomson-Cook

Jeremy Thomson-Cook, Head of FX Strategy and Sales

Jeremy heads up both the sales and research operations at Equals Group. He has been working in financial markets since 2002, and is known to have the best beard in the world of currency.

Matthijs Boon

Matthijs Boon, Chief Operating Officer

With over 20 years’ experience in global finance businesses, Matthijs is running operations to build the Equals Group into a market-leading money management business.

Rosa Dods

Rosa Dods, Head of Risk, Compliance and Fraud

Rosa heads up Compliance, Fraud and Risk for the card business at Equals. Having worked at Equals for eight years, Rosa has vast experience in the company and is focused on improving our controls and the customer experience.


Jack Bryant, Operations Director

Jack joined the Group by acquisition in 2019. He has over 14 years’ experience running operational processes for various growth businesses in the international payments industry.