Our Permissions

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CompanyCompany numberFCA Firm Reference NumberHMRC Money Service Business Licence NumberAuthorised
E-Money Institution
Payment Institution
Service Business
Faster Payments
Principal Issuer
National Bank of Belgium
Regulator, grantor   FCAFCAHMRCBank of EnglandMastercard 
Equals Money International Limited9558664FRN900493       
Equals Money Plc***05539698FRN488396       
Equals Money UK Limited 6268340FRN504547       
Equals Connect Limited07131446FRN67150812594438      
Roqqett Ltd12330839925174  *    
Equals Money Europe S.A./NV**         


Roqqett Ltd has permissions to carry out both Payment Initiation Services (“PIS”) and Account Information Services (“AIS”) under the Payment Service Regulations 2017, facilitating access to Open Banking in the UK.
**as this company is incorporated in Belgium, it has either the French nomenclature for “Ltd” being “S.A.” or the Dutch language equivalent being “NL”
***Equals Money PLC has a partnership with Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“MCB”), a US bank whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This partnership allows Equals to offer both payment services and card issuance to US business customers.