Shareholder guide for the payment of dividends

The most secure way for eligible shareholders to receive their dividends will be to have them paid directly into their nominated bank account. Shareholders can action this by adding their bank details into the Signal Shares portal of our Registrar, Link Group, using the following link www.signalshares.com

You will need to log into your Signal Shares account or register if you have not previously done so. To register for Signal Shares you will need your Investor Code, which is detailed on your share certificate or available from our Registrar.

Once logged in, go to “Manage your account” and add your bank details.

When your bank details have been added to the share portal, dividends will automatically be paid directly into your nominated bank account.

For CREST members, dividends will be paid directly to the bank details provided through the CREST system.

Should shareholders not elect to receive their dividend this way, the default position will be a cheque made out in the name of the person on the share register.